Could A Higher Meaning Be Our Cure?

I respect Jason Silva(modern philosopher) a lot and have watched most of his shots of awe videos. If you haven't already time has come to do so. He talks about many interesting and relevant topics in a poetic visual way. In this video he talks about the power of our brain, that if one let the negative patterns win it can kill you.

800,000 commit suicide every year. Which is 800,000 too many. More people die like this than in natural disasters and war combined. What is going on?
What I am thinking is that purpose must be missing. But how to find your inner higher meaning? It's way too difficult for many people. We don't even learn about tools on how to find it, except in religion of course but for most people, that's not an option.
It's for sure difficult but you have to create it, you can trick yourself into anything, even that you are not valuable enough and should commit suicide, when you are just like the person of value next to you who doesn't take it, then why do you then have do?

How can we solve this?

Purpose. Higher Meaning.