My Lofoten Dream Came True

Today one of my many dreams came true; I sat my foot in Lofoten. This destination has always felt like this kind of magical place to me. This, of course, because of the stunning photos and videos you see and what people tell you. I've been planning to go for a long time, I just haven't had the chance yet but today finally the tables turned and it became a fact.

Office X was on a quest to find someone who lived outside a city and in which case we were able to target the amazing Kari Schibevaag, a world champion kite surfer. The reason for the interview was her not so normal way of living, quite untraditional really and I guess many Norwegians would call her rather weird and crazy. A bit mental even. She lives in a container on the beach up north in Lofoten among almost no other people. What the heck made her make that choice?

Well, to me her choice is understandable. I'd love to live in a container with huge windows in the middle of nature but what I couldn't stand is live in such a far distance away from a city. Then I mean a big city, like Oslo. Even oslo is a bit small to me. (SF = perfect)So I could definitely not be farther away then Bygdøy hehehe

Another thing I couldn't stand is the fact that its super cold and dark most parts of the year. I even freeze summer time in Oslo. How could I possibly survive and live happily there? (Again perfect temperatures for me is SF) Actually I am aiming to live in a minihouse like this or in a huge large hotel coliving place in the warmth somewhere.. Hopefully in not too long..

I'm pro living simple and owning nothing. At the moment im 28 and all the furniture I own is a working desk. The rest of what I own are clothes, shoes and books. I even think I have too much, when I move around it ends up looking way too much. I wish i could just fit everything in a suitcase. The less stuff I have the more freedom i feel. I can breathe. I guess thats how Kari feels too. Both me and Kari definitely are what you can name a minimalist. A cool and super interesting thing is that World economic forum predicts that this is the way we all are going that by 2030 you will own nothing. All products have become services, lots of things have become free, like travel and that you spend your money on is experiences. Im not sure how it will be with housing but I guess we will all rent? This is thanks to the shared and circular economy which is falling over us like a tsunami. Seriously I can't wait for the future to arrive its gonna be so beneficial for us and mother earth times trillions!

So conclusion, I want to be able to make new friends and old friends when ever I feel like it. And I also wan to be able to go to interesting events and so forth. Even though I love nature, and spend lots of time alone, I am a city girl by heart. I like people, I like experiences..Period.

Yes, indeed Lofoten was more than amazing. If Kari starts renting her house on Airbnb you really should book it right away, go there with your partner, you won't regret it. What hit me was that that's one of the best places in the world to propose to your loved one. It would be quite difficult to avoid a yes then. Laying in her bed... looking at the stunning view. Omg. Breathless and speechless. That would be the most memorable happening ever.

So, it really gave me a taste for  more and next time I'll make sure to be there in end July/August when the heat has set for a few weeks.

Thanks for a wonderful day Kari!!