Solitude Bliss

There is one thing I could never live without. Privacy. I need it so desperately so often. Time for myself to reflect, reconnect, recharge and ground a little extra. Do the things I really enjoy doing.
Read, write, draw, plan for future events. I get lots of inspiration when in this state, and happiness hugs me. Some people like meditating sitting still and close their eyers for ten minutes but this is my meditation. It's wonderful. This feeling, there is no better. Even if I'm in a relationship this is something I value the most and need to carve out time for. A time for me to digest what's going on, be completely present, be alive and enjoy myself fully. The only sad thing is that time flies by when I'm in this state. Or it feels slow in the minute because of my presence but then boom I look at my watch and time is almost up. 
Today is such a day. It's Sunday, it's completely quiet in my building and I'm so relaxed. I wish I had a week of this to come. Hehe, nah.. Not that much, I actually look very much forward to go to work this week. (I'm going to Lofoten!!!!)
If I don't get my precious time in solitude I stop functioning on every other level in life. It's not only wanted it's crucial. I guess that's how it is to be an extraverted introvert. 
So today I'm gonna enjoy some reading, making some banana pancakes and write my weekly blogpost. Have a great day :))