Choose Your Friends Wisely

From an early age I've been very cautious about who I've chosen to be my friends. And I must say I've been fortunate to be able to do so because of my skill in making friends. I've made friends easily at both an early age and as a grownup. I know this might be hard if you are not super extroverted.. How it works for me: I can see a public speaker which is super inspiring to me while he/she gives a talk and afterwards I approach them and ask if they'd like to meet up for coffee, most times they say yes, I'm actually not sure if I've ever met someone who's said no. Most people are open for new friendships... And this are how som of my friendships starts.

Anyhow, my point being, there is this saying that you end up becoming the 5 people you spend the most time with. And thats a big deal if you ask me. I'd rather not be a depressing woman only talking shit about other peoples back and not growing as a person, so in order to not fall into that category I need to take action.

I've let friends come and go into my life, because I've always been interested to grow as a person. I've always felt that if a person stop inspiring me or don't do it at all from the very first time, or isn't teaching me something, either during our conversations or just through their actions or behaviour, and if I do not feel unconditional love there is nothing for me to get out of it. If a person for instance has a big ego there is really not much to get out of it.

When high school was over I cut loose them unhealthy and boring relationships and went out searching for inspirational peeps to surround myself with, and I've found many on my way but it's actually not until 2016 I've found people who stood out to me as amazing human beings here in Norway. Every time I think about them I become happy, every moment with them is like a birthday present, and they inspire all of the actions I do in life. They cheer for me and I cheer for them. We have such interesting and educational conversations when together. Conversations that matter. It's friendship taken to a whole new level. With them I develop. With them I grow. They want to change the world and they do it. They wake up every day to make the world a better place for others in their work and as a hobby. To me there is no bigger inspiration than that. Thats the people I value, Thats the people I want to be my friends. In order to be the best version of me I need to surround myself with people who push me forwards. People who want me to grow. I make sure that all of my friends comes from a place of love and are in a mission in life to serve others.

Note to self: Get rid of toxic relationships, run away. If your closest friend drain you or just talks bad about others run away. It doesn't help you grow or become the best of you. Perhaps it's your boyfriend, perhaps it's your best friend, perhaps its your mum or sister, og just another friend you hang around sometimes. STOP! You and your time is precious. Remember that. It's precious.