On Why I Enjoy Spending Public Holidays Alone

Today is the 17th of May, Norway's constitution day. It's a super celebration, it's the one most celebrated day in Norway. It's extremely important for our community as a country. Everyone dress the same, eat the same, drink the same and do the same. People are ecstatic and look forward to it weeks before. Getting drunk is also on the menu.

"Norway's Constitution Day is May 17 and commemorates the signing of Norways's constitution at Eidsvoll on May 17, 1814. It's usually referred to as syttende mai (May 17) or Nasjonaldagen (The National Day) in Norwegian."

But, guess where I'm at?
Home. Alone. Not only because I caught a cold and have lost my voice completely but as weird as I am, being in my own company during Holidays is one of my favourite things to do.
To me, it feels like the whole world stops, and I feel more alive than ever. I feel I'm in the center of the universe. Them clouds drift away in my head and it clears up. I feel empowered, I feel strength, I feel calmness, I feel love. Not that I don't do that on a regular basis but it levels up on days like that. When other people dive into chaos and over stimuli, I dig into focus and clarity. When others party their minds out, I colour my mind up with workshops of my own. Me time. 
I have no family in Oslo, no kids no boyfriend. Mother, father, siblings and grandparents are all in Stavanger. Which many of my best friends are as well. Even though this might sound as an excuse I'm not trying to let it be one. You see, even though I were in the same city on Holidays, I'm not sure if I'd spend it with them, and if I would it would simply be to please them. And I would not enjoy the day, at all.
Holidays are to me yes indeed Holy, sacred. It's time to celebrate in peace. Be as present as I can be. Especially New Years is highly important to me to spend alone. This is when I recharge completely, calm my mind, plan on where I'm going to go the upcoming year, connect with my inner core and put out intentions to the universe on what I'd like to happen next..

But I must be honest, I do not feel exactly super well and grateful for being alone today because the day suddenly came to be about getting well. That annoying cold ruined my plans. I was supposed to write, meditate and just have fun. But, not a chance. I slept until 2pm made food and now it is almost 4pm. The day is almost over and I didn't get to do a thing.

Well, as tragic as it is, I guess I'll end up just watch a boring movie.

Happy Birthday Norway!

When I was forced to walk the parade as a youngster.

When I was forced to walk the parade as a youngster.