Speaking Gigs

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  • “The Importance of Role Models #LeadByExample”

    Why female role models are the most crucial thing to get more women to dare to think big and stand up for themselves, start their own business, launch their own career, demand a higher salary and ask for that leadership position at work.
    + learnings based on my podcast “Power Ladies” - meeting with successful women and the tools and tactics behind it - what do you need to do, how and why - to start creating the life you want! And some learnings based on a decade in the startup ecosystem about female founders in Oslo and Silicon valley.

  • Launch a new business or life

    Do you want to launch your business, podcast or perhaps you just want to figure out what your next steps in life are?

    No worries - I’m here to guide you! This is an empowering talk where I’ll give you insight on how to start create the life you truly want. After years in the startup scene both national and globally, interviewing tons of successful people and building thriving communities I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

  • Community & Brand Building

    How to build, grow a thriving community that stays lojal to you brand and become the best ambassadors and sales people.

  • Podcasting

    How to launch, grow and monitise your podcast

    What is podcasting? How does it work? How do you put it on itunes and other apps etc? How do you grow a podcast? How do you monitise it? How find guests and get sponsors?

    Don’t you worry - I’ll guide you through it.

  • How to nail interviewing

    Whats a good interview?
    What differs a good interviewer from a regular one?
    In this presentation, you will learn key factors on how to build a great storyline and have your interviewee deliver their best. Språk: norsk eller engelsk.