Speaking Gigs

Språk: Norsk og engelsk

  • Launch a new business or life

    Do you want to launch your business, podcast or perhaps you just want to figure out what your next steps in life are?

    No worries - I’m here to guide you! After years in the startup scene both national and globally, interviewing tons of successful people and building thriving communities I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

  • Community & Brand Building

    How to build, grow a thriving community that stays lojal to you brand and become the best ambassadors.

  • Podcasting

    How to launch, grow and monitise your podcast

    What is podcasting? How does it work? How do you put it on apps etc? How do you grow a podcast? How do you monitize it? How do you interview and get sponsors?

    Don’t you worry - I’ll guide you through it.

  • Hvordan gjøre det godt intervju

    Hva er et godt intervju?
    What differs a good interviewer from a regular one?
    In this presentation, you will learn key factors on how to build a great storyline and have your interviewee deliver their best. Språk: norsk eller engelsk.