Power Ladies

Dear Power (Ladies) People

Thank you so much to all of you listening to my podcast and supporting me along this incredible journey.
Such lovely messages I get straight into my mailbox, Facebook and Instagram. I couldn’t be happier, making the podcast and seeing how much I touch and inspire you is the best. All I was hoping for. Thank you!

New chapters are to come, I really want to connect personally with you guys who follows my concept. So a heads up for the road to come - new collaborations, events, retreats, workshops etc.. Hope you’d like to continue this adventure me and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.




And BOOM, Launched It Is!

POWER LADIES just arrived in all podcast apps and programs. And can now be enjoyed in your sweet ear on a morning run or whilst commuting to work. It went stright to the top right away but I'll have to work to keep it there. But we can do it! Can't we?!
I think I'll start a Facebook group - i guess this is a community that can grow and become fiercely full of power women. Lets cultivate this energy and take the world upon our chest!

It's all norwegian but give me a few years - the world is next.

Here is tha episooooode - welcome into mah audio roooom!