9to9daily interview!

This week - the third time I’ve gotten interviewed by a magazine happened!
If you’d like to get a little seakpeak into my world you should definitely check it out. I love Evodies concept 9to9 - she has the same vision for the future as me and loves to showcase fierce women :D

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9to9 Girls: Meet Yrja of the Power Ladies podcast

9to9 Girls is a collection of short portraits of strong and creative women who have all, in their own rights and on their own terms defined what a successful life is to them.

Meet Yrja! The 29, Oslo born and hosting manager of the new and uber inspiring Norwegian podcast: Power Ladies. I attended her first Afterwork event at Hanna’s new vegan venture NOFO and thought our missions could not be more aligned! Yrja has started rallying a pretty fierce community of powerhouse women in Oslo, and I am very excited to have caught her in her busy schedule to learn more about her plans for Power Ladies and her inspiration in life.





Oh gosh… I had been dreaming about having my own Youtube channel and podcast for about 3 and a half years before I finally did start. The timing never felt right, and the concept of the show did not become clear to me until 6 months before I put it into action. I then found a production company and started booking my guests. As simple as that.


I really want to start broadcasting the podcast on Facebook and Youtube. So hopefully within a few months, this will happen! Also hosting more learning-focused and inspirational events next to the Afterwork I already host- is on my list as I want to connect and build the community even further. All of my listeners are such great people, I just want everyone to meet each other and connect. I know so many women do not have a support network of great female friends that can enable them to believe in themselves and have confidence in their ideas. I would really like Power Ladies to be a meeting point where they can meet and tap into this. Finally, I also would love to collaborate with more companies and develop my brand even further, I have many plans.


I love that I can be good at never stressing out. I love that I know how to prioritize my time, and give a F***. NO is my default mode, so I’m definitely not a YES person. I really do not want to be on anybody else’s agenda but my own. And also, I like that I can live by ‘being good enough is enough.’ Work hard but rest harder is my mantra. I believe that if you rest the brain, and carve in the time to become creative, this will be beneficial to your work.


Fear of failure. Though I’m proud of myself for finally starting addressing that in my life. Because if I don’t dare to take risks, I’ll never end up where I want to be. The world needs more people doing what they truly want. My place and your place in this world matter, so just go pursue what it is that you want. Surround yourself with people that are happy, see yourself for who you are, and push yourself to fulfill your potential. This is how you’ll be able to conquer fear.


I’m not sure I would tell her anything. At 23, I wasn’t ready to do something myself- I think- even though I had been brewing the idea of creating my own Youtube channel for 3 years. But seriously, I don’t think it would have turned out to be successful then. I’m actually happy about how my life has turned out. I believe its course has taken me to where I am now, and it’s been such an important journey, that I wouldn’t change it.

Well actually. One thing just came to mind. I wish I had discovered San Francisco earlier in life, as I had been searching for a place and people to truly connect with since I was young. It’s when I went to San Francisco at 25, that I finally could relax and breath and feel I had arrived home.


Things just start to work out the way I always wanted them to. I get to express my creativity and do something I really enjoy and am good at professionally. I also have really good friends who inspire me and push me forward in life. My life is also successful because I am good at taking care of myself, and I really do not care much about what people think of me.


Just my keys and my phone. My card is also pretty often with me. Nothing else.


First a Math teacher, then a journalist. No one really told me that it would possible to be something else than a doctor, lawyer, journalist, teacher, police or firefighter. Being an entrepreneur and enjoying your job was just totally out of the picture. How crazy is that? One of the many things I missed at school was the encouragement and learning how to create things, and how to think critically and chase the life you want. Had I had been encouraged in this way, I would have started seeing opportunities and going after them much earlier.


I think the Wikipedia’s explanation is pretty good: “Women's empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreates what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied”. I’d like to add to that the notion of a support network to achieve this. Without people inspiring you and showing your love and support along the way things can be really difficult.


My mum. She is my best friend and has been with me and loving me deeply throughout my life.
My grandmother. She opened her home to me when I was 16 and ill and in need of another place to live, and because she cares about me no matter what I do.
My friend Maria. She was the first person I ever felt at home with.

I really had no female role models when I was younger, when I come to think of it now it is actually really sad but this shows so much.


I am good at saying no and having no plans. My time is precious and I only prioritize people and gatherings that energize and inspire me. I normally always do what I want to in the moment (when I’m not working).


Drink water, eat healthy, work-out and get enough sleep (though that last one is difficult). Besides the above, I take time to rest and do nothing.


  1. Attending Burning Man again (it was a mind blowing experience when I was there years ago. And I really want to go back!)

  2. Living in California.


The Tim Ferriss Show - my absolute favorite thing to listen to!

Thank you so much to Yrja for her honest and inspiring interview! If you understand Norwegian make sure to check-out Power Ladies the podcast. And if you don’t - well watch this space, as she is well on her way to conquer new spaces!

Dear Power (Ladies) People

Thank you so much to all of you listening to my podcast and supporting me along this incredible journey.
Such lovely messages I get straight into my mailbox, Facebook and Instagram. I couldn’t be happier, making the podcast and seeing how much I touch and inspire you is the best. All I was hoping for. Thank you!

New chapters are to come, I really want to connect personally with you guys who follows my concept. So a heads up for the road to come - new collaborations, events, retreats, workshops etc.. Hope you’d like to continue this adventure me and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.




And BOOM, Launched It Is!

POWER LADIES just arrived in all podcast apps and programs. And can now be enjoyed in your sweet ear on a morning run or whilst commuting to work. It went stright to the top right away but I'll have to work to keep it there. But we can do it! Can't we?!
I think I'll start a Facebook group - i guess this is a community that can grow and become fiercely full of power women. Lets cultivate this energy and take the world upon our chest!

It's all norwegian but give me a few years - the world is next.

Here is tha episooooode - welcome into mah audio roooom!


New road ahead

Hey you guys! 

I just became a part of EgmontPEOPLE (and now colleagues with a wonderful bunch of peopleand that required me to start writing in Norwegian for the articles.

I'm still struggling a bit with verbalizing myself in the best way, I still feel I can not fully express myself in Norwegian, but hope that will change <3 I think my podcast(yet to be launched)-

 Here are some of my new amazing colleagues. Such inspirational women!

Here are some of my new amazing colleagues. Such inspirational women!

Would You Enjoy Living In A Metaverse?

Article previously posted on Steemit :)

"A virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users." Wikipedia


Would you enjoy living in a metaverse? A life where you choose your reality at any time of the day? Where you are the designer of your own destiny? Where you're in complete control, yes, a life where you are the hero? A life where you have the power to make everything be like whatever you want it to be? And be whomever you want to be?
Through mixed reality tools it will feel real, you can go wherever you want whenever with whomever. Sounds like magic right? Well, futurists says it's a certain probability.
What would such a society be like? When the whole world gets connected to the cloud and come online in such a metaverse? Will it set humanity free? Will we no longer be trapped in our misery when we can fully express and be ourselves?
We will be able to escape our bodily limitations, yes, escape our biological jail.

Well, whatever makes life more exciting and feeds my curiosity I'm up for it. And If we are going to live for a looong, long time, even turn immortal it really has to happen. If not we might even die from boredom or commit suicide because of it. And we also need to get out in space, manipulate matter and crack all the codes of science then life is about to get really really exciting.

We can't prove that we aren't live in a metaverse already, can we? Perhaps we are and have always been just software? That this what we think is real isn't. That is all just simulation made by an advanced civilisations long time ago.
Well, we wont fint out before we get smart enough, will we?

Science is magic, magic is science.

What is real? And is real and reality actually a thing? If it's all just simulated isn't that just reality then? What defines reality must come up for debate sooner or later. What if all there is is a simulation? Or must there somewhere be something out there which is not then?

What are your thoughts? Would you enjoy living in a metaverse? Do you think it's all just a simulation, that we are all computerised? Curious to hear your thoughts!

See you around <3

As always,

A big thank you for reading!


Want to learn more about me? Read my #introduceyourself post here.

Btw, I'd really love to get to know you so feel free to drop me a comment below or add me on facebook! :D

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Trying out a driverless car
What does the future hold for young ambitious people?
What is aging anyway?
Will Robots Replace Doctors?

Week In Review - 19th of March

Uh-oh. Sorry to say that this time I didn't do a weekly wrap up in English. BUT if you still wanna go read it (I believe there is a translation app somewhere that might make it easier for you ;D ) click here.

But what I didn't put in there was the IBM Client Center launch event I went to this week at Tøyen, so I thought I should add a note to it here instead. If you'd like to have a look for yourself what it was all about I embedded a video below for ya! As I was one of the very few not all covered up in clean tight suits I, of course, had to be put in the movie clip from the happening. Kinda fun though.
I've got "head of x", within their title, friends at IBM which turned out not to be a dumb thing to have when things like this happen. I kinda feel a little honored that they chose to add me to the evening. So, to finally inform you in written form what IBM Client Center is all about here you go; Its a showroom open to the public. Kind of like a museum!
And oh yes, they are doing quite interesting work you can go have a look at any day you want, except you'll have to book in advance. 

Have a niiiice week yall!

And what I am still thinking about it whether I should continue writing in English or not. I do not feel comfortable or able to express myself through writing in Norwegian. I feel all pretentious, like I'm writing as I was 13 years old or something. Hmm what to do? Help me? Please :D You know I'll hug you over and over and over and over and.. yeah..


Happy Sunday!

The sun is indeed shining brightly here in Oslo and the sky is clear blue. Even the birds are singing beautifully loud.

So onto what I wrote this for;

Im super fond of blockchain and I do believe in crypto and I particulary like Ethereum as you can build apps and plattforms upon it. Anyway, recently there were 6200 dollars in my crypto account which I was kinda happy about since I only invested 100 dollars(damn yeah, talkabout a helluva bargain!!). But now this morning when I checked, booom there is only 2200. How is this even possible😭 anyways. Its a long term investment Ill pray for it to be back. 

And then;

to the good news, If you havent invested yet, this is a good time for you. Just a heads up, if you’re having some money to spare, go do it. But consider it a long term investment. And do etherum.

Enjoy this sparkling morning :))


Stephen Hawking is dead..

 Its great to see him smile like this. Makes my heart tingle.&nbsp;

Its great to see him smile like this. Makes my heart tingle. 

Wow. It's so oddly strange when people you never thought would die do so. Jezes. Now it was Stephen Hawkins time. Death is really a weird concept, and he just wasn’t around long enough to even be able to extend life, which I’ve heard rumors about being possible within ten years. So.. When great minds leave the building its a big loss for humanity. Pioneers that drives our society and knowledge forward and challenges all of us… Those are the people we need to be here. Who’s gonna replace him? Hopefully he is in a better place now, I’d like to look at things a bit more spirituality and optimistically and I really wish for him to be somewhere where he is not attached to his old body, hope he is just an entity that can fly around in space or that he has been redesigned into something else.

Thank you Stephen for everything you helped out with. Without you I guess lots of things would still be a mystery to us.

Good luck.

All the best

Update! An EgmontPEOPLE Update!

Hey you guys! I just became a part of EgmontPEOPLE (hear: salutes), which means that from now on I will be writing from a blogg.no blog, in Norwegian(yikes, how to express myself now?). I'm not sure how often I'll be updating this one but for sure I will as my preferred writing language is English. Really, Norwegian is a poor language and its difficult to write what you really mean and let your personal voice flicker throughout the text since there ain't too many words to use or ways to put your sentences.

I just claimed www.yrjaoftedahl.blogg.no and started writing a bit just to get things going but I might change to www.yrja.blogg.no

You can still reach me on my social media channels and e-mail me at friends@yrjaoftedahl.com

 My sister and I celebrating her birthday.

My sister and I celebrating her birthday.

Motivational Wednesday

I have always had this creepy fear of doing what I love the most solo. I've done so many things all by myself for years but when it comes to do what I truly desire there are a voice and anxious feeling inside when thinking about it doing it all alone with no one to talk things over with, no one to share experiences and share ideas, no one to have fun and share downsides with on the journey. What do I got if I fail on what truly matters to me? What I've desired the most all my life? Who am I then? That's why it scares the heck out of me. Because without my burning passion and feeling for me being able to accomplish what I want the most, I feel that my identity simply vanish.

The voice within I am pretty sure comes from my childhood and my parents in general. "Dreams doesn't exist and you can't achieve what you want, cause there is no such thing, society is not made for you to do such things, life is hard" this is what I've been hearing over and over again. Every time I tried to share a dream or wondering about how to do things this came up, and not only then but everything related to this topic brought this up. Support and on and belief in who I am and what I can and want to do I have never gotten from home.
I know everyone is scared to do things by themselves, but having those two people who have been your authorities as a child and are your closest that does something with you. But to me, its time to make a settlement with this. Because of lots of things you need to do alone if there is no one who'd like to tag along.

The thing is that I know I can do it, I know I've got talent for it but that's why it scares the heck out of me bc I don't want to fail myself bringing this gift into daylight. Fear of failure and huge performance anxiety which only kicks in when I truly want something I know that I can do but with a hard amount of work.
So today I am in need of some empowering content and perhaps you can benefit from it too. Its absolutely some great words she puts on the table. Everyone is scared, everyone is struggling but persistence and vision is what is gonna get you where you want.

And just to add in, if you happened to miss this genius vlog post by Casey Neistat you gotta watch it right away. Take the time to do it right now!

Want To Live Longer?

I do. No doubt.
Not only that but I'd like to grow old respectfully of my soul staying healthy, not attacked by this horrifying disease called aging. At least me and several researchers name aging an illness. I truly believe we all will, in I guess about 20 years .

I've been writing posts on this topic previously. If your interested in learning more about my thoughts and findings, here you go: "Lets Put An End To Aging Together"

But before you scroll further down, watch the video below about how we potentially can extend our lives.

Are You Protecting Your Data?

Google recently announced that only 10 % of their users use two factor authentication. Who uses google? Basically everyone. 90% of us doesn't protect ourselves well enough digitally. It's sort of like leaving the front door to our house unlocked. I've been slow with that process too, but a few years ago I choose to stay secure and I highly recommend you too. I should definitely start using Dashlane or something a smart password app but haven't done that yet. Shame on me :O

Anyways its good just to stay informed on what is going on so that you can base your choice on solid ground.

Week In Review - 3rd of March

The moon gets its own cellphone network, 700 groceries goes plastic free, India to launch a school teaching happiness and skills of the future and Bill Gates to fund a completely new smart city. Life is exciting!!

To begin:

Book I am reading this week "Alibaba: The House Jack Ma Built" by Duncan Clark. Super interesting. What I find the most compelling is that everyone changes positions all the time. I think not 5 years go by without you having changed your title. I think that is super healthy for both workers and the company. And they also basically take on any industry.


News of the week: Ekoplaza in Amsterdam goes plastic free!!! This shop just proved that 700 groceries can be sold plastic free. Thank god someone is taking responsibility and paving the way.


This week I discovered a highly relevant new 10 episode podcast series by World Economic Forum about the future. «Shaping The Fourth Industrial Revolution» is definitely worth checking out to easily get an overview of how our lives and society are changing.


Say whatever you want about Bill Gates but do so on solid ground. Read about what he does with all his money instead of criticising him for having so much. Luckily he and Mark Zuckerberg and Elin Musk etc happen to have cash and thank god for that, more clever , conscious and caring minds who wants the best for society you have to look way longer for. Thanks you guys for everything you give. Other rich people has way too much to learn from you.

Now Bill Gates is funding an entire new city to be built in Arizona in the coming years. Ita supposed to be the smart city of the future and housing 180.000 people. Have a look in the video below. 


So, listen, by 2020 the moon will get its on mobile network...!


Breaking: India is building a school focused on teaching happiness. Opens in 2020 and will be teaching the skills of the future. Seems like I need to move to india when I get kids and theyre ready for school.


Google want to teach more people AI and Machine learning and launches FREE courses! Go check it out :)


Stem-Cell stroke treatment repairs damaged brain tissue !! Good news for the 15 million people who is suffer from strokes every year.

LSD Treatment can actually "harmonize the brain"

Tim Ferriss is extremely positive in treating mental health illnesses with psychedelics. I only startet thinking and reading about this a few years ago and it makes sense to me as well. In his recent newsletter from this week he posted lots or resources to read more about this topic and I thought it was a good time to add them here. For sure ill write another post solely on this but not in the nearest future so, dig in. He also has a great episode on hus podcast with a guy who works and researches on psychedelics treatment. Too me natural psychedelics used only 1-3 times and then makes more sense to me than swallowing crappy cocktail medicine cyntetic from the lab with serious side effects everyday for years. Or what? I also cant wait until treating mental issues with lights become the norm. It says it will be standard in about 15-20 years. Crossing my fingers. Thats even better. Treating it in natural ways and not dangerous side effects medicine the pharmaceutical insustry cash in for making you take it everyday.

ONGOING STUDIES:http://www.hopkinsdepressionstudy.com/flyer.pdf [Depression Study Website]
http://www.hopkinspsychedelicstudy.com/HealthyVolunteers.pdf [Imaging study in healthy volunteers]
http://hopkinsmeditation.com [Long-Term Meditator Study]
www.smoking-insight.org [Cigarette Smoking-Psilocybin Study Website]
religiousleaderstudy.org [Religious Leader Study Website]

RECENTLY COMPLETED STUDIES:www.cancer-insight.org [Cancer Study Website]
http://www.bpru.org/spiritual-practice/[Meditation Study Website]
http://hopkinspsychedelicstudy.com[Comparative Pharmacology Study Including Psychedelics]

RELATED LINKS:http://tedmed.com/talks/show?id=526825[TEDMED talk 2015]
https://vimeo.com/122278721https://vimeo.com/122267529 [Interviews with Cancer Patients]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPLimDG_HVY [TEDx Talk]

Super-blood to treat cancer


AI should is monitoring you right now and here is how it uses its data. 


There will certainly be no limits to what AI can accomplish in the future but that is something you already knew I hope..!


The worlds largest reforestation project has gotten started. This was announced in 2017 but I didnt remember reading it until today. They are aiming to restor 23 million trees by 2023! Incredible news. I just hope people stop tearing it down if not it wont be too much of a help, or what?

Read more here


Blockchain is helping democratize access to credit. Thank god!  


A new species of the toughest animal on earth was recently discovered in Japan. These living beings are fucking hard core!!! Boil them, freeze them, drown them put them into space and they still wont die. Great for longevity research!

Does biological anatomy really capture the entirety of who we are?

Are ‘You’ Just Inside Your Skin or Is Your Smartphone Part of You?


Wish you a wonderful week and I hope this might spark som interesting conversations!

Just, by the way...

Remember, when you find yourself in struggle, think: "what would a person I admire do" To me I could think. "What would Elon Musk do or what would Tim Ferriss to etc." To try to tap into their mindset to help solve and overcome my own challenges :)



The Future Of Advertising Is Decentralized?

As I am a blockchain believer I discover lots of new projects based on decentrized technology. This week I came across something I had never previously been thinking about, blockchain based advertising and learned more about what advertising do to our devices.

In the video below, Brenda Eich, the founder of Javascript, Mozilla and Firefox tells about his new blockchain adventure BAT (basic attention tokens) To me it sounds revolutionary and obvious.  It's quite fascinating.

"Digital advertising is broken. It is a market filled with middlemen and fraudsters, hurting users, publishers and advertisers. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was developed to address this. BAT, an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum, will be the token of utility in a new, decentralized, open source and efficient blockchain-based digital advertising platform. 

In the ecosystem, advertisers will give publishers BATs based on the measured attention of users. Users will also receive some BATs for participating. They can donate them back to publishers or use them on the platform. This transparent system keeps user data private while delivering fewer but more relevant ads. Publishers experience less fraud while increasing their percentage of rewards. And advertisers get better reporting and performance. " 

Read more here

What Would You Do If the Internet Collapsed?


I’m following Hashem al ghalis «what if» show on Facebook. This week he put this great question on the table with an answer. «What would you do if the internet collapsed?»

Can you imagine? What would your first thought be? How would you react at first? How would you adapt? What kind of life would that be?

I guess if you’re above 50 life would go back to what this generation consider «normal». With wired cell phones, fax and TV as the primary way of communication and mass entertainment.
But how would generation z feel? All they know is an online life. They’ve never had an experience of just going over to their friends house, knocking their door without an appointment. For them this concept sounds absurd and embarrassing. Do I actually need to talk to people face to face to make friends? Oh shit! I guess they’d all be filled up with an instant social anxiety by that thought. At least that would be my first reaction if virtual was my reality. Communicating online is way less scary and very often one dare to say things you’d never ever dare or consider to say in real life. Online things might not seem rude, scary or hurting. But if you took those words and visuals offline you'd be highly embarrassed by yourself.

I would probably feel kinda stressed but I believe I would feel a bit of relief as well but that perhaps if I knew it was just for a short period of time before internet came back to work again. 

If I then got told that internet will never be up and running again ever I would be kinda frustrated. What the fuck? I would not be able to believe it, really. We just had it, how come we can never make it happen again? I would absolutely live with that voice and frustration inside of me forever. So peace would come to some extent but there would always always be a longing for the graceful alien world in which we once had one click away.

So enjoy it and be grateful. You never know when your whole world will go away. Either its a person, a pet, your health, your wealth, water, food or internet!
Think green, sustainable and act with kindness. You never know when its your turn to meet the unknown.

Week In Review - 25th of February

A bit late out on my weekly wrap up but thats fine. Right..!
As I am human and easily get addicted to good entertainment, I ended up watching "Halt & Catch Fire" the whole day yesterday, completely immersed in a binge. I can not believe I've never heard of this Tv series before. Right down my alley from the entrepreneurial computer industry in the 80s. Its sort of a niche show, but its really good. Added the trailer below. I also learned that the first ever Computer Programmer was a GIRL! Yeah, and her name was Ada Lovelace. What a beautiful name and story.


Besides this I signed up on Rize this Friday(which was their launch date of their public version of the app). Ive been waiting for a few months and then finally it's ready to be used! Its a blockchain based live streaming interaction platform by YouNow and made on PROPS Tokens based on Etherum. I'm starting to wonder wether I should go start using it or not. I missed my shot on youtube, blogging, Instagram, snapchat and musically. All of these platforms I discovered right when they were launched or early on, when nothing was going on and no one was there. What would have happened if I simply continued doing it from day 1 I was there? I just felt I had nothing to share.. I didn't know what I should write or say. Who'd listen to me? And now.. I am SURE this platform is gonna hit it aswell. Can I afford to miss it? Do I want to miss it? Hmm follow me and lets chat when I go live. My first Rize conversation was actually with Casey Neistat. Join me!



MIT launched their yearly "Breakthrough Technologies of the Year" article. 
3D Metal Printing, Artificial Embryos, Sensing City, Neural Networks and more. Check it out for yourself here.
Peter Diamandis says 2018 will off this:

  • "Quantum Supremacy Achieved: The first demonstration of a quantum computation that can’t be simulated with classical supercomputers is announced.
  • Emotion AI will become embedded into conversational interfaces. It will be socially acceptable to scream angrily at Alexa. She might respond with something like, “Please don’t yell at me, that hurt my feelings.”

Here is the rest of his predictions for the years to come.


Getting closer and closer on the longevity journey. Perter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil says that within 10 years the wealthiest will have th opportunity to extend their lives. One clue and inspirational thing is this immortal jellyfish



Kurzgesagt also published their monthly video this week. I'm just adding in here Id love to hear your take on this.

Your Brain Still Works After Death

Should we reconsider how we define death? Are we really dead the moment our heart stop functioning? 

Apparently after one is declared dead the brain is continuing to work 10 minutes afterwards, and the memory center is the last part of the body to give in to death(after). In this period everyone has different neurons firing off in this part of the brain. Meaning everyone has a unique experience in this periode. Do we watch our life in review in those minutes? Or what really happens?
Not only that but our genes continue to work until 2 days after death and they are highly active.
Is it ethical to pronounce people dead when some parts of their body are still working?
And what does this mean for those whose organs are donated immediately after death?

When are we dead? What do you think?

Week in Review - 18th of February

 Image from Dagbladet.

Image from Dagbladet.


2018, the year Norway got some serious big hugs from Mr Snow. This winter has been beyond words incredibly white. Us Norwegians finally got what we've been craving and longing for for years. In weekdays people have wrapped up their stuff at work at 4pm to go end the day in white powder. If I shall put on the table one negative fact about this weather its that people with a car have been struggling each morning to get their cars out on the roads, luckily that ain't me. Some people even reported on the news cause spending 3 hours digging out their car. Haha. The one thing that's got me annoyed a bit is the constant change between rain and snow. One day we are snowing down, the next day rain hits and we are forced to walk around in slush, getting all wet and uncomfortable. Commuting is impossible.. I walk regardless of course.. Bc I'm the walker girl. The white walker.....................
To me its still a mystery how those Foodora cyclists dare to conquer the roads to deliver food. It's all about money.. I know, but I'm more like.. health first..

The flu and cold has been hitting hard this year as well and lots of people has been going dooown, this week it caught the cold but thats about it. I was well enough to go off to work everyday. I at my fair share of the flue in 2015 when I was down for 12 days. 9 days in constant fever and overall intense pain, I couldn't get out of my bed and nights was filled with sweat and hallusinations. Life because all about survival. I've had two such major instances in my life, the last time was about 18 years ago. Next time will hit me in a decade or two I guess. You know, afterwards its not too bad, those events are one of the few things I remember quite well, next to burning man and a some heavy years with my ex. Thats what makes life worth living, when you actually feel alive. You actually feel something. I'm not sure if thats something you would agree on, but thats just me. Alright, as usual I could go on writing but perhaps its time to check out a few things that happened this past week? Yeah..


But first, lets get happy! You see the video below? Thats my kind of living. I guess if you give it 250-300 years all buildings will be covered in green grass or simply be nature inspired and beneficial looking and constructed. Or do I have to much faith in humans? Perhaps its way too dreamy to think so good of people?
Very often (when I think optimistically) it just feels like I was born too too early, and I have no idea why something chose to get me to earth at this time when I so clearly would thrive later on.  Wouldn't you like to live with a fresh piece of grass above your head?


"We read this 800 page report on the state of longevity research so you don't have to." - Singularity Hub. 
"It is the takeaway of The Science of Longevity, the behemoth first volume of a four-part series offering a bird’s-eye view of the longevity industry in 2017. The report, a joint production of the Biogerontology Research FoundationDeep Knowledge Life Science, Aging Analytics Agency, and Longevity.International, synthesizes the growing array of academic and industry ventures related to aging, healthspan, and everything in between."


Boston Dynamics Robots are as life like as can be and it might creep you out. If you're one of the pessimistic viewers you'll most likely start thinking about the recent Black Mirror episode with the robots dogs running around killing people where escaping from them is literally impossible. Yikes.

This post I did never finish, but I figured out better to post at least some news of the week than nothing! :D Or what you say...!?

My Friend Siri Goes Minimalistic

How attached are you to your things? How much time pass until you buy something new? How often do you throw stuff away? How often do you play with or use the things you've bought? Do you have clothes  that you've bought but it still hangs in the closet with the price tag on years later? If you do not use it at least once a month, why do you have it? Why do you crave for more when your shoe rack is all full of shoes not used?
Do you have things you just bought to impress and show of to others? Isn't that a bit embarrassing to think of? You bought it not because you wanted to but because you thought this was a way to be admired and liked by others? So you buy things to feel loved? Friendship should be based on real love, not on fake material ground. At least thats the kind of relationships I cultivate. But that might just be me. Would be so too tiring just thinking about all things I needed to buy and use just to feel accept from the people I'd really want to like me. Thats not a healthy friendship. Is it????

I've got this friend who recently started her journey towards a more conscious lifestyle and she decided to document it all on social media (www.siriabrahamsen.com), which is super interesting to follow and I guess she inspires many. At least some as she has loads of followers. These days she is throwing away all of her stuff, she is selling her house, she recently started eating healthier and taking lots of small other conscious parts of actions. I'm actually a bit envious, because I'd like to share my journey too. The only problem is that there is none to share because I started living consciously long time ago, actually all the way back into child hood. I never wanted to buy anything or spend any money and I rarely ate meat and used all my clothes until there was nothing left. So there is really no voyage to be shared. When I was young it wasn't because of the feeling of responsibility or sense of awareness of what would make me and others healthier, it was simply a natural choice. I didn't want to live otherwise. But later in life I see more clearly why I had this urge because I know today that this is what makes me happy and gives me a graceful and joyful life.

So, when I started living by myself it continued. It got even more conscious as I now took all of the choices myself on what to eat, how to live, what do do, what to buy etc. At this present time I own practically nothing, rarely buy other things than food unless things are broken and impossible to use (like a new phone or computer) and I eat no animal products, and use my clothes until its all just big holes. 
Hence, I've got no story to share on how I felt when I did all these because this way of living consciously is apparently hardwired in my DNA, apparently. The only thing I can relate to is if I envision a non conscious life, full of things I do not need, way too big of a house, driving a gasoline car, eating all kinds of crappy food, working in a job just to earn money for things I do not use etc. That thought and visualizing process makes me feel sick instantly. I could never do that, not towards myself, others, the planet and animals.
I can not be owned by things, I can not live a life true to my heart, I can not live a life doing something just to for the money I need to love what I do every second, we got so little time on our visit in this body on earth. And eating animal products that our bodys are not made to digest(we are the only one next to monkeys having color vision, and there is a reason that we see this and not only see movement). Immediately I get the sensation of being enslaved to all the stuff, chained to a several rooms in a large house, that is in constant need of cleaning and fixing. My time is holy and I'd rather see someone else fix that than having to spend several hours a week doing it. (okay if I randomly was super rich and could hire someone to live in my house JUST to clean and fix things any time of the day, fine, but I'm not sure I could do that either, I have too much empathy. I'd rather spend all these money on something that gave value into the world, like funding research or funding startups).
So no thank you to that. And no thank you to sitting at a desk 8am-5pm everyday just to work towards someone else's goal and earning a big fat check. I want to be the master of my time and what I spend it on. Doing something I don't love is out of the question.

All I can do is share with you my sense of freedom this way of living gives me. And I highly  recommend it to you too.

I'm excited to see how it all goes for my friend Siri, will it make her happier? Will it give her an easier life? Sense of Freedom? We will wait and see. Meanwhile you can follow her on instagram @siriabrahamsen 

Will you do anything to change the way you look at things? What do you enjoy the most, time to think about fun stuff and time to do things you love. Or do you like spending time in worry of not have cleaned the house, someone ruining your car, or someone spilling on your expensive clothes or shoes? Hmm

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