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Food For Thought

If you are not fully updated on whats happening in the world right now and where the future will take us, you should start by reading this essential article by Tim Urban.

For knowledge and inspiration I look to these guys:
Michio Kaku, Ray Kurzweil, Robert Lanza, Kevin Kelly, Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Dean Radin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Walt Disney, Roald Dahl, Deepak Chopra, ++ more, I certainly wish there were more ladies on this list, but I guess that will come...


Shots of Awe - Jason Silva
Wait but Why
World Economic Forum
AJ +
Alex Klokus
Big Think
Abundance Insider (Peter Diamandis)
MIT Technology Review
James Altucher

Podcasts I listen to

Tim Ferris
Lewis Howes
The Model Health Show
Tony Robbins
Recode Decode

About Me

Hey there,

Thanks for checking in!

I'm the hosting manager of the "Power Ladies" podcast where I showcase women who stand out in their field of expertise through deep interviews. From entrepreneurs to business leaders, influencers to athletes. 
I'm on a mission to empower and showcase a diverse range of female role models across all industries and topics. I do this because I want to inspire people to become the best version of themselves and create the life they truly want. And because I want a broad range of female role models to be visible to and heard by the masses - in the media etc.

Further reading about me click her

I also work as an content creator and digital profile at Egmont Publishing magazines Det Nye & Shape Up where I focus on empowering women, tech and sustainability.

I’ve been working with Social Media/Community/Content management for years and got tons of experience within the Startup Scene in Norway and globally and have a huge passion for exponential tech, science, sustainability, entrepreneurship and female empowerment.

Spring 2018 I was a host in Office X, a Social Media Entertainment initiative by NHO, Innovation Norway, Finans Norge, Rederiforbundet, Civita, Spekter and Virke. I and 3 others was selected by head of NHO, Kristin Skogen Lund and The Prime Minister, Erna Solberg to enlighten and engage people between 18-30 in the Norwegian Business life. It was produced by Nordic Screens and distributed on social Media.

In my previous job I served as the Global Community Director for a Silicon Valley based Company named CMX Media. Here I helped train and uniting Community Professionals from all over the world through annual conferences, smaller monthly offline events and facilitating our online community. 

Before this I was the Community Manager and help build the todays leading and largest StartupHub in Oslo and Norway: MESH. At MESH I ran the co-working space of 150 entrepreneurs. 

I'm a truth seeker and always curious to learn and explore new things. I get nourished by challenging myself and putting myself out of the comfort zone. 

My values are love, give and grow which is burned down to my core and the essentials of why I'm still alive.

I definitely fall under the category of the stereotypical millennial with a burning desire for making the world a better place. 

My mission besides inspiring women(and men) to follow their dreams is to spread awareness about the incredible future of technologies marching towards us, the human psyche and empower people to join in on transforming humanity.

And I believe that if we all contribute and merge compassion with technology we are in for a major upgrade in our well-being and our social model.

I'm a firm believer in that finding meaning in the ups and downs in life, whether its suffering or bliss, is the key to contentment and happiness and a life of fulfilment.

My life philosophy is basically equality and justice for all. Animals, humans, nature, planet and the universe alike.

Human relations where deep genuine meaningful conversations takes place is what I find the most empowering and enjoy the most in life.

I also enjoy long walks in the sun and running in the wilderness of nature and swimming.

I write on my novel and draw in my spare time and love connecting with new people. And of course I also spend lots of time reading a lot of tech, innovation and society development news and research,

Oh btw, I'm Norwegian and am located in Oslo at the present moment.

And, since you're here - let's connect? I'd love to get to know you :)

Hope to spark some good conversations, enjoy my geeky posts!

If you'd like to see my work experience you can check my LinkedIn profile here :)

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